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A process-based application platform.

  • model
  • process
  • application
  • intergration
  • unified user interface
  • analysis
Tesis Yönetimi

Service and Facility Management

It is a solution platform that conducts more than one discipline on an operational level to manage the facility’s functionality effectively by combining asset, space, people, process and technology. With WinDesk Facility Management, we upgrade the management objectives at the facilities and integrated campuses to measurable, improveable and manageable performance-based service management processes, at an operational level...Let's manage together...

Müşteri Hizmetleri Yönetimi

Customer Services Management

It is a customer services contact center solution that is available to be managed by your operation experts without any IT support, easy to use through a unified agent interface, customized specific to you by using self-service channels, measured for your operation, enable to analyze customer information and experience from an 360 degree… Communicate easily and simply...

BT Servis Yönetimi

IT Service Management

It is an application portfolio supports the corporate business continuity with ITIL ready-to-use module library, easy customisation, easy-to-use, fast project design. While developing co-workability between the business units of the corporation, you can manage audit, quality and risk metrics easier with the operations and performance visibility in IT services.Create customer satisfaction...

Personel Servis Yönetimi

Personnel Service Management

You can manage the cost, quality, security, service vehicles, driver performance and user satisfaction metrics from integrated and one platform while easily managing the personnel, service vehicles and service operations of the personnel service management from the cloud through the map servicesSaving and efficiency together…

Canlı Destek

Live Support

Get in a direct contact with your customers with Live Support, by directing them to your website directly , direct them in truth, try your best to solve their problems on time and and experience personalized services and experience management when discovering new opportunities in this interactionEfficient self-service communication…

Meslek Odaları Yönetim Sistemi

Professional Chambers Management System

WinDesk Professional Chambers Management System, is a sector specific integrated solution platform, that provides professional chambers to manage services it provides to its members, while providing to manage their business processes.Access to the information easily, fast and from everywhere...

Our Services

WinDesk Platform provides professional services in the processes of project product consultancy, project management, maintenance and support to the application and solutions. In the dynamic and continuously developing – changing business life, the necessary project services are planned and served to increase the efficiency of our customers WinDesk application.



Experience sharing, accurate acquisition of customer needs and satisfying the customer expectation with product and application consultancy in WinDesk Projects.

Proje Yönetimi

Project Management

The service is provided under the scope of “WinDesk Project Management” and “WinDesk Application Management” to obtain the project deliverables in an expected structure, quality and project time.

Profesyonel Hizmetler

Professional Services

Professional maintenance and support service packages are provided annually, for the WinDesk Platform applications and user licenses during and after the guarantee period.

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