Windesk Müşteri Hizmetleri Yönetimi

Customer services management

It is a customer services contact center solution that is available to be managed by your operation experts without any IT support, easy to use through a unified agent interface, customized specific to you byusing self-service channels, measured for your operation, enable to analyze customer information and experience from an 360 degree…

Windesk Müşteri Hizmetleri Yönetimi

It is the new generation communication center software solution that enables the companies from all sectors in every size, to provide a nonstop integrated services to its customers with 7/24/365 through all the channels. Its solid and flexible infrastructure, low investment cost, advanced integration capability makes it the single point of contact for your customers while providing you with advanced analysis capabilities to help you to manage your customer experience. With its administrative functions, it ensures your customer operations to be visible with all the details, allowing your business to adapt to instantly changing strategies and needs.

Increases customer satisfaction, reduces operational costs, and increases working continuity at call center employees.

True, simple and fast communication...

  • Unified agent desktop
  • Multiple communication channel infrastructure
  • Workflow
  • 2nd Level or Demand Managing process management
  • Call Back Infrastructure infrastructure
  • System and operational business rules management
  • Unlimited outbound calls for different applications
  • BPMN 2.0 standards
  • SLAs, KPI Metrics
  • Easy design tools
  • Dynamic scripting
  • Workflow-based guided operations
  • Autocomplete
  • Unlimited number of call-breaks
  • Compatible with all industry-standard Call center
  • Less customer representatives
  • Shorter call duration
  • Less time and accurate solution notification
  • Less after call calls/actions
  • Higher 1st level solution ratio
  • Non-structural information and document archive
  • Flexible search sub-structures
  • Ease and flexibility of operational use
  • Diverse and non-simple search interfaces
  • Designable 2nd level guidance
  • Adaptable by operation group
  • Complex external search process can be controlled
Incoming Call Management
Outgoing Call Management
Demand Management
Request Management
Incident Management
Social Media
Customer Representative Online Support
Interactive Knowledge Management

The question-answer forms and corporate information and memory sub-structures to be used in communicating with your customers are created quickly and easily. By designing workflows in the application, guidance information support for search causes can be provided and also different action customizations depending on the flow results are made or edited. To increase the agility of the operation, all kinds of materials such as PDF, Office Documents, video can be uploaded to Information database. The data in the data bank is presented with submission periods, user authorization, labeling and different calls. The problem is solved by the solution tree design tool, the support infrastructure that answers the customers quickly and accurately to the problems of the 1st level customer representatives. Integrating with enterprise applications, the customer representative can easily access customer information from the integrated interface application, easily access the information of past communication, and end the call in the most accurate and short time.

Customer Representative Examination System