Human Resources

Human Resources policy shall be evaluated together with company values and culture according to Signum TTE who designs its presence on intellectual development. All the operation is conducted by the awareness that the quality of the products and services we serve to our customers are directly related with the productivity and happiness of the personnels. As our Human Resources policy our aim is to keep the personnel motivation high, to strengthen their loyalty to the company, to enable developing efficient and creative jobs, to work as a team in a family environment under the principle of transparency and to objectively evaluate career development.


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Recruitment and Placement Process

Our personnels' candidate recomendations for the announcements are prioritized for the available positions and the job announcements are broadcasted on our corporate website as well as different channels. Additionally, students who successfully complete their internship at Signum TTE are also evaluated with priority at the recruitment and placement process.

Qualifiable applicants to the qualifications, competencies and preferred features for the available positions will be subject to a preliminary evaluation or examination by the managers of the relevant department. Eligible candidates are listed in a short list. The managers of the relevant department make interviews with the selected candidates in the short list with the other senior executives if required. The candidates whose applications are accepted are informed about the process and the candite is repled at every phase of the process.

The job offer is made to the applicants considered suitable for the position. In case the candidate accepts the offer, the candidate starts to the duty by signing the contract including the duties and responsibilities of the position.

Career Development

The personel who begin on duty in the SIGNUM TTE are included in trainings concerning organization of the company, the job description, the orientation training including the work culture in Signum and the determined workshops/project works. The managers at the departments administrations draw the career development road maps in the organization while leading the process to increase the efficiency and success of our personnel by the performance evaluations made on2nd and 6th month and periodically meantime, planning the required suppor for our personnels. Personnel's development on the Signum TTE career path map, where rotation conditions between departments or positions are relevant, is evaluates in accordance with the personnel's own objectives and company's requirements.

Price Policy

In Signum TTE, the price policy is determined in accordance with the level, experience and position criteria, to be evaluated annually, and updated if necessary, and is applied equally to all personnels.

  • Windesk İnsan Kaynakları Computer

    A laptop computer and required peripherals are provided to all personnel.

  • Windesk İnsan Kaynakları Phone Line

    At the end of the trial period, A corporate GSM line, featured as determined according to the position in the company's corporate agreement.

  • Windesk İnsan Kaynakları Food

    The food is paid by loading the food cost on the agreed food card over every single working day.

  • Windesk İnsan Kaynakları Office Transportation The transportation cost is provided pursuant to one of the following methods, according to the preference of the personnel.

    Service use, in case of the service in the area of the office, Personnels may drive their own car, Driving company car.

  • Windesk İnsan Kaynakları Health Assurance A Comprehensive Health Insurance is made from a contracted health insurance institution, for the employees been working at Signum for 18 months without any break off.
Signum İnsan Kaynakları
    • Personel development tarinings to increase the efficiency and success ofthe personnel at work
    • Technical trainings in conformity with the job description of the personnel
    • Methodology trainings organised specially for Signum TTE for the corporate development
    • Required trainings pursuant to the certification
    Social Activities

    Besides the activities in the busy business life planned by the HR management, our company is open to all suggestion of our personnels and evaluates these suggestions positively.