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IT service management

The ITIL-compatible ready-to-use module library is an application portfolio that supports corporate business continuity with easy customization, ease of use, fast projecting. You can manage operational and performance visibility, with audit, quality and risk metrics in IT services easier, while improving the work collaboration with business units.

Windesk Bt Servis Yönetimi

The evidence required for the audit is derived from the service processes. It is ensured that authorized users can make problem/request notifications for applications, processing of requests according to importance/priorities from the approval system up to the portfolio view. While the change management arising from the requests can be followed up, the monitoring and performance measurement of the services of the 3rd party service providers are conducted separately
It is easy to manage information technology employees' efforts, to record corporate inventory, to set up and monitor inventory and embezzlement systems, and to manage IT business processes in the process of employment and cease of employment. By creating a service desk structure to serve a common service, it is ensured that the service reporting visibility is changed into the performance system that is consistent with the Service Level Management processes...

IT Service Management; enables IT processes to be managed in accordance to ITIL.

Create customer or end user satisfaction...

  • ITIL complied
  • Modular
  • Call center integration
  • Process design
  • Integration with tools such as discovery, network-system monitoring
  • Easy customization infrastructure for service delivery, support and operation processes of the institution
  • Reporting
  • IT service processes are regulated for the continuity of business processes
  • Problem reports and requests conveyed by the internet, e-mail and phone from the Business Units are brought under control
  • Preventing manpower loss by not putting the unapproved notifications into process
  • Appropriate data is stored for audits subject to the all IT processes
  • Reports are automatically obtained without putting too much effort during the audit periods
  • Approval screens are provided which can be easily used by the senior management
  • The IT Service management process be moved to electronic medium from end to end
  • Reduced workload for debit change and follow-up structure by recording all the stock
  • Service quality metrics given to service level administrators and users are measured and followed.
  • It is followed through the contract performance metrics for theOperational Level Management and Outsourcing service providers.
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Service Catalogue
Information Bank
Request Management
Incident Management
Trouble Management
Problem Management
Change Management
Configuration Management
Inventor Management
Service Level Management
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