SİGNUMTTE SIGNUM TTE, with the aim of Enhancing the Service Quality Parallel with the Improving Customer and Product Portfolio, started a Corporate Development Program. Particularly SIGNUM TTE’s product development and service processes within the scope of the program with participation of all the staff.
Service and Facility Management Hacettepe Teknokent will manage its Facilities with the Windesk Facility Management Application. Agreements have been signed to start the management of Hacettepe Technokent facilities with Windesk till the beginning of 2018
SİGNUMTTE We Completed the Personal Development Program named Designing the Future Our Personal Development training under the leading of trainer Taner Bengi, has been completed with our Company personnels and their wives participation
Service and Facility Management Windesk Facility Management is in CCN Holding Mersin City Hospital… WinDesk Service and Integrated Facility in Mersin City Hospital that is established within the scope of the build-operate-transfer agreement for 25 years, signed between Ministry of Health and CCN Holding.
SİGNUMTTE ISO-27001 International Information Security Management System Certification Has Been Received We certify our protectiveness by completing ISO-27001 International Information Security Management System certification process to take our information assets under protection.
IT Service Management Notaries Union of Turkey’s Help Desk and All Notaries are going to Use WinDesk v4.0 Notaries Union of Turkey has used since 2011 WinDesk IT Help Desk application, it is moving to the new WinDesk Apllication
Customer Service Management WinDesk Assist the youth, with the communication with Credit and Dormitories Institution WinDesk, has been using its internal resources since 2010 to manage all communication processes as University students' dormitories, scholarships, etc.with the institution, has also been opened to external sources.
Customer Service Management Windesk v4.0 has been used in Alo 199 Civil Registration Services Since 2014, Windesk was used at the Alo 199 Civil Registration Services and has been re-projected for an additional 6 months service duration from September 2017.
WinDesk Live Support "WINDESK Live Chat" Application Was Used Within the Scope of "11.11 Luckiest Campaign of the Year" Shopping Event that organized by Within 24 hours; 22.000 Chat, Total 70 operators (total of all shifts), 250 chats per operator, Up to 370 Instant Chat, 3 Different Chat Channels (web, mobile, mobile web), 10,861 individual customers that service provided, served in WINDESK Live Chat environment. 140 million pounds of product sales on the campaign day.
Service Management Bayer Sales Forecast Will be Provided by Windesk Service Management Bayer, starts to use Windesk to gather its market data of 6 region and 300 retailer in Turkey in a digital medium and analyzing this data to forecast the sales of the following years
Customer Services Management AEGON Sigorta, Has Put WinDesk v4.0 Application into Use Aegon Sigorta, has been operating its customer relations through WinDesk since 2011, put the new version of WİnDesk that will design all the after-sales processes in a time based manner.
Customer Service Management Windesk v4.0 platform is now at North Marmara Highway and 3rdBosphorus bridge. The WinDesk Platform will be used as the Customer Services Management System for the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge and North Marmara Highway which was built by ICA.
IT Service Management IT Service Management ITSS Bilisim, has Put WinDesk IT Service Management Application into Use ITSS enhanced its service strategy that improves its customer satisfaction and service quality, by managing more than 100 customer support agreement on Windesk medium.
IT Service Management WinDesk new Version 4.0 is available in Turkish Armed Forces Health Centers’ IT Solution Center WinDesk, which has been used as a solution center for Military Hospitals since 2012, will be moved to the new process-based version in December 2017 through the frame of the agreement that made with Havelsan.
Service and Facility Management Windesk Facility Management Has Been Put into Service in Akfen Holding Isparta City Hospital WinDesk Facility Management System has been served in use in 800 bed PPP Isparta City Hospital, within the scope of the agreement taken into operation together with TAV IT
Personel Services Management Zer Central Services and Trade Inc. Transfer Koç Holding Companies’ personnel with the WinDesk. Offering innovative procurement solutions company in Turkey Zer Central Services and Trade Inc.. , Provide Personnel Transportation Service for Koç Holding companies with WinDesk Platform.
Service and Facility Management WinDesk application is implemented on Ministry of Health Building that constructed by CCN Holding. WinDesk Facility Management was implemented in the new Ministry of Health Building within the scope of CCN Holding’s Bilkent City Hospital Project.