Windesk Personel Servis Yönetimi

Personnel Service Managment

You can easily manage personnel f the personnel service management personnel, service vehicles and service operations through cloud environment via map services, while managing cost, quality, security, service tools, driver performance and user satisfaction metrics from an integrated and single environment ...

Personel Servis Yönetimi

WinDesk Personnel Service Management application is an application that gathers multiple customers and multiple service providers on a single platform and provides map-based, real-time management of all operations on a single platform. Customer has customized WEB interfaces and mobile applications for Service Firm and Service Personnel.

WinDesk Personnel Service Management; provides operational convenience and excellence while digitizing your Service Services on a single platform.

Saving, safety and efficiency all together...

  • Management of contracts of the Customers and the Service companies.
  • Route planning on the updated Turkey map.
  • An Officer responsible from the services at route  changes, automatic e-mail/SMS notification to the personnel registered on the service and service companies.
  • A real-time service tracking by the devices placed in vehicle on the services' adaptation on the planned route, departure-arrival times, arrival times to the stop
  • A real-time personnel follow-up ob the service use by card reading devices placed to vehicles
  • Vehicle/driver follow up
  • Management of special working hours, overtime working hours, flexible working hours.
  • Defining cost parameters according to distance, vehicle capacity and working hours conditions and making progress payments on real values
  • Distribution of costs according to units
  • Defining the penalty conditions and creating penalties.
  • Follow-up by unconventional private organizations
  • Staff Self Service
  • Helpdesk
  • Service quality is increased
  • Operational service costs are reduced
  • The operation determined with the contracts executed with the Service Companies is followed up in real time
  • All activities such as route defining, stop determination, personnel service requests, request approvals are managed from digital environment
  •  Service operations are accelerated
  • The information of the vehicle and the driver as the documents are processed from the source and workload in the centre is reduced
  • Providing an instant follow of the service by serving the customer-service company relation on the application
  • All requests, problems, complaints received by the help desk are managed and reported from the centre with a single contact
  • Personnel satisfaction is improved
  • The driver and the service company are monitored according to the performance parameters, a service report may be created besides the penalty and points system.
  • Personnel and Service company use the system effectively from the self service portal interface environment
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