Windesk Meslek Odaları Yönetim Sistemi

Professional Chambers Management System

WinDesk Professional Chambers Management System, is a sector specific integrated solution platform, that provides professional chambers to manage services it provides to its members, while providing to manage their business processes.

Chamber Management

It includes the identification of the center, branch and agents of the professional chambers, their board of directors, chamber personnel, document management, inventory management and pre-accountancy applications.

Member Management

It includes the member application, registration, payment and all information/document request process. The application, which enabled to identify different processes considering the member types, provides management functions for the chamber personnel while providing online application, information update and payment by credit card for the members.

Web Management

Center of the chambers includes the sub Websites management for the main Website and each branch. Images and news, suitable with the website design, may managed by the chamber personnel. Works as board of directors, chamber decisions, trainings, that are under the Chamber Management are automatically broadcasted on the website. Website that works integrated with the Member Management provides a common and single communication point for all partners.

WinDesk Professional Chambers Management System provides operational efficiency by gathering the information and documents of the Chamber on a single platform. It enables your data be true and consistent, by involving your members and personnel into the system. It provides accession both from your computer, tablet and telephone by its web interface.

Provides an integrated solution by transferring all your information and documents on an electronic environment.

Access to the information easily, fast and from everywhere...

  • It offers online solutions for the improvement of member tracking and collection processes.
  • It reduces the workload of the personnel by enabling the update of the Website data together with the Chamber Management System information automatically.
  • It prevents data repetition by classifying chamber and member information according to the authorization in the system ipursuant to the Central, Chamber, Agent hierarchy.
  • It reduces IT dependency by enabling the chamber personnel to manage the website news and announcements.
  • It enables members to use self-service channel together with the Member Management System  and provides professional service to the members while reducing the workload of the chamber personnel.
  • It enables chamber personnel to track income and expenses via the pre-accauntancy application.
  • It improves the efficiency by enabling all services to be managed from an integrated platform for the chambersemploying limited number of personnel.
  • It digitalizes the Chamber Managements by the transfer of all information and documents to the electronical envirenment and automatizing the processes.
  • It prevents the information loss in the periodical changes of the Chamber Managements and their personnel, ensures the formation of the coporate memory.
  • It is used as a turnkey service on the cloud environment, minimise the continuity and support needs of the chamber managements.
  • It provides efficiency in the communication by the common platform use of Centers, Branches and Agents.
  • Personnel: Personnel information is recorded. The annual leaves, office hours and personal/penalty information is tracked through the applications.
  • Inventory: All inventories at the Center, Branches and Agents are kept recorded. Inventories can be under the liability of the personnel or be released by the personnel.
  • Pre-Accountancy: Income and expense inforation is entered. Updated balance information can be tracked via the Bank and Cashbox.
  • Document: Received and Delivered documents are kept recorded.
  • Board: It provides periodical recording of the board members of chambers and branches.
  • Member: Member registrations, payment tracking, card printing, member registration and documentations are conducted.