R&D Group Directorate, which is established as a separate unit in the Signum TTE organization in 2017, will be responsible for the implementation of the 5 year WinDesk Platform v4.0 technology, product and R&D plan for 2022 roadmap and the presentation of innovations to our customers.

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The expertise gained during the 1st and 2nd period development under WinDesk brand and scope initiated in 2009, intellectual information, software library, process, system and application outputshave been restructured by being integrated under WinDesk Platform v4.0 in the third term as of 2017.

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The 5-year WinDesk roadmap training, which will be completed in the last quarter of 2017, will ensure to present the innovations and differences of the upcoming periods to our customers. However, within the new development plan, WinDesk Platform v4.0 products, applications and solutions will continue to develop in accordance with technological and governance points, focusing on customer, business and operational "service processes".

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Within the scope of the 3rd 5-year R&D plan, the roadmap will be supported by taking WinDesk Platform v4.0 solutions and productoin consideration according with our corporate customers' "Digital Transformation" strategy.

The development of the Cloud/Saas infrastructure for the WinDesk Platform in innovative systems and processes in the strategic roadmap, the migration of BPM/OPM service processes to the Service Level, development of artificial intelligence, live support and social media infrastructures supporting the WinDesk Platform vision while priority activities will be carried out under the subjects of bigdata, business intelligence analysis, internet of things and clinical engineering.

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