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Service and facility management

It is a solution platform that orchestrates more than one discipline on an operational level to manage the facility’s functionality effectively by combining asset, space, people, process and technology. With WinDesk Facility Management, we carry the management objectives at the facilities and integrated campuses to performance-based, measurable, improveable and manageable service management processes at operational level

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Windesk Facility Management is a platform composed of independent applications that are enabled to work integrated with each other. While providing to define all your sources with the Space, Asset and Personnel applications which are necessary to manage a facility; it provides to manage your operational processes in an integrated way with Maintenance Management and Service Management Applications. Windesk Facility Management has an elastic form that provides to create definitions and workflows special to you rapidly, beside its available libraries formed in sectorial basis.

You can enable to manage the work orders on the space and their instant follow-up by the mobile applications you provide to your field teams.

Manage Together…

  • %100 WEB based, use on the cloud or on premises
  • Data libraries specific to the sector
  • Mobile use
  • COBie support
  • Provides facilitated follow up with the integration of Building Management Systems and Facility Management.
  • Area usage and occupancy information can be monitored instantly, and all kinds of information and document can be accessed easily.
  • You can easily develop your asset life cycle planning by managing guarantee, condition, and expected service completion dates.
  • You can follow up the actual financial impact of your asset portfolio by following up the purchase costs, asset depreciation and life cycle costs.
  • You can define sectoral-based asset definition libraries.
  • You can track the locations of assets and do the stocktaking easily by being integrating with the RFID systems.
  • You can monitor the personnel information of all the personnel in a company-based way. You can assign a job to your staff by creating a duty-competency structure. You can do a cost follow up as a resource at the works that your personnel have been assigned to.
  • You can easily define your Periodic and Preventive maintenance. You can make an efficient stock planning and follow up the spare parts changed during maintenance and follow up the spare parts changed during maintenance by defining your equipment and supplies to be used in the maintenance.
  • By defining all processes of your service operations, you can manage your operation in real-time.
  • You can maximize your service delivery performance by creating a single point of contact for all services.
  • You can automate your operation by defining your periodic works.
  • You can define measurement points of the services and determine the necessary improvement steps according to measurement results.
  • You can define the required processes for Internal and External Auditing, create an action plan according to audit findings and follow the results.
Space Management
Asset Management
Personnel Management
Maintenance Management
Service Management